UCSD Circle K

Bowling Night

Spare some time for your fellow Circle K'ers so we can go strike up some pins and nice conversations. Join us for a discounted (Tuesday deals!) bowling night! 


PLEASE MESSAGE ME OR SIGN UP HERE BEFORE TUESDAY 4 PM so I can reserve! Signups will be closed after that. If you want to go and you find out after 4 PM, please message me. 

Person of Contact

Anees Patnam

Who's going

  • Erica Wei

  • Dan Tran

  • Kylie Tran

  • Evan Lin

  • Hanna Lam

  • Angela Chen

  • Anees Patnam

  • Kevin Cheng

  • Brian Wang

  • Caitlin Song

  • Nathan Mansur

  • Zeven Vidmar Barker

  • Summer Joshi

  • Felix Chu

  • Brian Nhieu

  • Adan Estrada

  • Jarrod Blau

  • Elias Roman

  • Nawwar Tohme

  • Emily Kim

  • Ethan Dang

  • Joanna Truong

  • Jesus Barraza